The project Fighting Fake News Narratives (F2N2)* is an independent project of Citizens Association MOST, launched in November 2018, with the aim to systematically combat disinformation on online media space, by using various digital tools, codes and opensource software.  


What do we do? 

Our team aspires towards rebuilding citizen’s trust in democracy and thedemocratic values through debunking of disinformation. We conduct monitoring and research, providing the public with expert recommendations and analysis.  In addition, we collect and analyze data on dissemination channels of disinformation.  

Our primary focus is on comprehensive and systematic monitoring of the development of disinformation narratives (domestic and foreign) appearing around the key eventsrelated to the Euro-Atlantic integration of North Macedonia. In additionwe target trending disinformation narratives related to other relevant events. 

Through a cohesive society that shares the values of democracy, fact-based and credible information, we envision a free, safe, and prosperous North Macedonia, fully integrated in EU and NATO.